It is said ‘Physician adds years to life while a Physiotherapist adds life to years’.

Physiotherapy is a safe, non-invasive mode of treatment without any adverse side effects. It is a well known fact that there is an ever-growing demand for Physiotherapists not only in India, but also across the world.

While other medical sciences such as Orthopaedics (bone, muscle and ligament), Neurology (brain, spinal cord and nerves), Cardiothoracic (heart and lungs), Paediatrics (children’s health), Sports Medicine (injuries from sports),OBG (women’s health) treat the disease and deformities, it is only Physiotherapy that can take it forward and holistically restore mobility. Physiotherapy holds the key to rehabilitate cases of paralysis, fractures, muscle pains deformities etc., by using therapeutic modalities and exercises.

Physiotherapy is a holistic science through which ailments and deformities are assessed, diagnosed and treated through physical agents like heat, cold, sound, light and exercise. Without this, the recovery of the patient is at doubt.


To be a leading institute in Physiotherapy Training & Research, with commitment for excellence in education and service to humanity


To impart quality physiotherapy knowledge to young aspirants, enable them to become competent professionals. To provide a comprehensive learning environment for holistic development of individuals to become future health care practitioners.

To optimise the health and well being of all our patients/clients in the community by appropriate care of their movement dysfunctions.

To empower our students to become professionally committed and socially responsible Physiotherapists and achieve excellence in this field.

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